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In Lapland, there is a saying that each mountain, or fell, is uniquely special. This principle holds true for the lesser-known Aalistunturi, an impressive peak rising to nearly four hundred meters above sea level south of the municipality of Kolari. 

Aalistunturi region, extending across the municipalities of Kolari and Pello, forms an ecological haven, an enchanting sanctuary that embraces a picturesque, valley-like basin adorned with pristine headwater streams and lakes.

The surroundings of Aalistunturi encompass untouched lakes, gently sloping spruce forests, and windswept twisted pines atop the highlands, as well as sandy ridges known as “tievo.” The awe-inspiring cliffs, distinctive avalanche basins, crystalline streams, and bubbling springs of pure drinking water have captivated countless Finnish adventurers.

Not to mention the unspoiled nature and majestic fell landscapes that perfectly capture the serene essence of Lapland’s inner landscapes. For these reasons, Aalistunturi is widely regarded as one of Lapland’s most cherished hidden gems.

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Massive area

Aalistunturi and the surroundings encompasses an area of over 10,000 hectares.

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Camping places

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Natural beauty and ecological significance

Aalistunturi region, nestled gracefully amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland, boasts an abundance of intrinsic value that stems from its strategic placement at the captivating crossroads where two distinct and captivating realms of forest vegetation and wetland zones converge, creating a harmonious tapestry of natural beauty and ecological significance.

The northern fells vividly showcase the traits of the northern boreal forest vegetation zone, while places like Roukoselkä prominently display characteristics of the central boreal zone, boasting slope spruce forests and diverse mixed forests. The remarkable biodiversity of the area stands out as one of the factors that have left an everlasting impact on the souls of hikers exploring the Aalistunturi region.