Aalistunturi location and maps

Aalistunturi region forms a valley-like landscape and possesses a unique ecosystem characteristic of cohesive and secluded forests, which makes it a truly remarkable area.

The terrain in the Aalistunturi region can be challenging for inexperienced hikers as it is a natural, unmarked catchment area without boardwalks or established trails. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare for your trip thoughtfully and thoroughly.

When planning your route, consider the available time, the length of the trail, and your physical condition. On our website, you will find ready-made route maps and instructions that will ensure a successful hike. Please be aware that there may be no mobile network coverage in the area.

It is highly recommended to print a map and bring it with you for navigation purposes!

From Kolari or Pello

To reach Aalistunturi from Pello, the most convenient route is to turn onto Rovaniementie, followed by Pasmajärventie. From Pasmajärventie, you will then turn onto Aalisjärventie.

When traveling from Kolar, the most convenient route to reach Aalistunturi is to turn onto Lohinivantie after the village of Sieppijärvi, and continue on Nuottavaarantie until you reach Aalisjärventie.

An alternative route to Aalistunturi is through Aitamännikkö by turning onto Haukirovantie and continuing towards Laukkujärvi, although this route is significantly longer than the others.

"The diverse nature of Aalistunturi was surprising. It reminded me of Särkitunturi, and in my opinion, it was just as beautiful as its landscapes."

Useful information before you go

During a hike, it is advisable to ensure that the weight of the backpack does not exceed one-third of the hiker’s body weight. However, it’s worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to hike preparation, so it is wise to rely on your own judgment as well.

Thorough preparation and appropriate equipment are essential for a successful hike or trek. It is important to avoid overloading yourself with unnecessary gear, while also ensuring that you have enough essential items to maintain safety.