Accommodations and camping at Aalistunturi

Aalistunturi is nestled in the heart of nature, away from any immediate infrastructure for lodging. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan your accommodations ahead of time before embarking on your adventure.

Aalistunturi offers various lodging options in the nearby villages of Pasmajärvi in Kolari and Pello. However, the ultimate experience is to spend the night under the midnight sun or in the midst of frosty nights, surrounded by creaking trees, while gazing at the breathtaking starry sky and the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Prior to your visit, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the fire regulations to ensure you respect the landowner’s rights and adhere to Aalistunturi’s management plan.

Sleeping in nature

The Aalistunturi area offers several campfire sites and cozy lean-tos, which are ideal for longer stays. These enchanting locations are typically nestled near serene lakes and tranquil ponds.

In the regions of Lapland, visitors can enjoy the privilege of making campfires on state-owned land under the general permit granted by Metsähallitus (Finnish Forest Administration), unless a specific fire site is designated in the vicinity. However, in other areas, obtaining a separate permit from Metsähallitus is necessary for making fires. 

It’s important to note that making fires in the wilderness and gathering firewood on privately owned land is not covered by the everyman’s rights. Such activities are permitted only with the explicit consent of the landowner. Making a campfire in the nature reserve is also highly prohibited.

Retkipaikka's checklist for staying overnight

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